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2nd Floor
Westborough, MA 01581
Phone: 508-366-1200
MASS MEDIATORS with locations in Worcester and Westborough has a team of attorney mediators and former judges have had years of experience in facilitating the resolution of business and construction disputes.
MASS MEDIATORS gives the parties an alternative to litigation and allows them, face to face, to address their positions, proposals, options for solutions and other underlying concerns before an experienced impartial neutral mediator who will help the parties negotiate their own solutions to their business or commercial conflict. 
Our Mediators work with the parties to efficiently resolve business problems by facilitating negotiations, addressing the options for solutions, and the reaching of a mutual agreement.
MASS MEDIATORS team of mediators have mediated and obtained a resolution in many small business conflicts, such as the dissolution of partnerships, disputes between members of a family run business, or stockholders of a closely held corporation.
While litigation can not be avoided for certain disputes, it will likely terminate any chance of salvaging a business relationship with the other party.  Our Mediators will assist the parties by bringing out their non-monetary interests and other previously undisclosed concerns that may have been a road block to an agreement.
MASS MEDIATORS understand the importance of resolving disputes quickly and efficiently so that the parties can return to business.  These objectives require the experince of a mediator, as Judge Charles Abella (ret.) and Judge Edward Reynolds (ret.), who can assist the parties in identifing their interests, needs, concerns, and goals.
For information about our services, Our Mediators, or any other aspect of our work, please contact John Keeton, the administrator of Mass Mediators, at john@massmediators.com or by calling 508-754-1723 or 508-366-1200. John can also provide information about fees and costs for your mediation.

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