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 MASS MEDIATORS with locations in Worcester and Westborough has attorney mediators and former judges, each with over 40 years experience, in conducting mediations, conciliation, and trials of personal injury and insurance claims. 

 Personal Injury Mediation
Personal injury claims most often  require dealing with an insurance liability carrier. The parties involved are the person or persons claiming an injury with resulting damages, and the person or persons alleged to have caused the injuries, usually by negligence, who have, as their representative, an insurance claims adjuster. Often the party injured retains the services of an attorney to represent their interest. Although both sides have similar interest in resolving the claim, by reaching an agreement for a settlement amount to compensate injured party, they often differ on a monetary amount that would be fair and reasonable, pursuant to what they perceive as the value of the claim.   Most often each side takes a position on value, and settlement discussions come to a standstill.
Our Mediators, Judge Edward Reynolds (ret.) and Judge Charles Abdella (ret.), using their knowledge and insights developed over the years of extensive experience involving personal injury and insurance claims, will use their skills to address the parties opposing interests, facilitate the return to meaningful discussion of settlement, and assist the parties in finding a common ground that will allow them to reach a mutual agreement for settlement.
Insurance Mediation
This type of mediation most often involves disputes been the insured and the insurance company, commonly called “First Party Claims”. However, some times these disputes may involve disagreements between insurance carriers with regards to their respective responsibility for a claim.
Mediation is an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve insurance policy disputes. These claims arise in such matters as: theft, fire or other casualty under a homeowner’s or business policy; property damage under a motor vehicle policy; coverage available under a liability policy for personal injury or property damages to a third party; or contributions of co-insurers to a potential settlement or court award.
Our Mediators, Judge Reynolds and Judge Abdella, have years of experience in the area of insurance law. This knowledge is necessary for the understanding of the policy provisions and law that may be at issue, and has great value when assisting the disputing parties toward settlement or agreement.
For information about our services, Our Mediators, or any other aspect of our work, please contact John Keeton, the administrator of Mass Mediators, at john@massmediators.com or by calling 508-754-1723 or 508-366-1200.






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