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                  Customarily Fees and Costs of mediation are shared by the parties 

Divorce and Post Divorce Matters:  No Retainer Fee Required

Mediation Sessions:  $300 per session.  Each session last approximately 11/2 hours.  The total cost of the mediation sessions is solely dependent upon the parties' ability to reach resolution on all the  elements necessary for Court approval of their agreement.

Agreement:  The cost for the preparation of the agreement is $1,000.  Once the parties have reached agreement the mediator will put their outline into a comprehensive written draft.  A copy of the draft will be provided to the parties for review and any changes mutually agreed upon will be made.  The agreement will be then put into final form for filing with the Court.

Court  Documents:  The cost for the preparation of required court pleadings and other documents that must accompany the agreement is $250.

Other Fees and Costs:  Applicable court filing fee, currently $215, and other necessary expenses will be billed to the parties.

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