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MASS MEDIATORS, with locations in Worcester and Westborough, providing mediation services throughout Massachusetts, was established by experienced attorneys and former judges who have learned, from their many years of involvement with the legal system, that the courts should be the last alternative for resolution of disputes, not the first.  There is a better way!  MEDIATION

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process, in which a neutral, the mediator, works with the disputing parties to assist them in identifying and discussing issues of mutual concern, exploring various options for resolution, and developing mutually acceptable settlement or agreement.

Mediation provides the parties:

A forum to have direct communication with each other;

The opportunity to define the terms of an agreement;

To incorporate into your agreement provisions that  may differ  from what a court might be able to order;

Allows the participants to control the timetable for reaching settlement or agreement;

The potential for significant cost savings over going to court.

For information about our services, Our Mediators, or any other aspect of our work, please contact John Keeton, the administrator of Mass Mediators, at john@massmediators.com or by calling 508-754-1723 or 508-366-1200.  John can also provide information about fees and costs of your mediation.




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